MDCE speaker identifies four types of customer

ORLANDO — Following the opening welcome at this year’s Marine Dealer Conference and Expo, speaker Dave Mitchell used his background in cognitive psychology to explain how to identify the four types of customers dealers will see in their marketplaces in a presentation titled “Expanding Your Market Share.”

Mitchell urged dealers to learn how to appeal to each type of customer, rather than simply selling to the base that they are comfortable with.

The labels he gave to the four types were: Romantics, Warriors, Experts and Masterminds. For each segment, he suggested that a different set of tactics are necessary to complete a sale.

To appeal to the Romantics, he suggested dealers must provide personable and personal service, be genuine and sincere, invest in the relationship, sell the value to friends and family, provide a good deal and reward loyalty.

To appeal to the Warriors, he said they must provide efficient service,
be confident, get to the point, sell status and value for money, be prepared to negotiate, let them win something and reward referrals.

To appeal to the experts, he suggested to provide resources and information, be knowledgeable, answer all questions accurately, sell reliability, heritage and reputation, be prepared for a long sales cycle and reward judgment.

Finally, to appeal to Masterminds, he told dealers they must be able to provide novelty and excitement, be enthusiastic, customize their experience, sell uniqueness, flexibility and innovation, close aggressively and reward early adoption.

The Marine Dealer Conference and Expo continues through Wednesday.

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