Nigel Calder to visit IYRS

BRISTOL, R.I. — Nigel Calder, marine technology expert and hybrid boat technology authority, will speak to students at the International Yacht Restoration School about recreational boat hybrid systems, according to a recent press release from the organization.

Numerous attempts have been made to adapt hybrid technology to propulsion in recreational boats over the past 15 years. This past year, several new hybrid systems have finally been made available to boaters, according to IYRS Marine Systems Instructor John Stier in the release.

“This is a rare opportunity for individuals looking for the latest information on hybrid technology to hear from someone at the forefront of these developments. We are very proud to have him as a speaker here at IYRS,” Stier adds.

Calder’s lecture is scheduled for Nov. 10 at the IYRS Bristol campus. Calder will spend the following day working with IYRS students and briefing them on this emerging technology.

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