Super Bowl schedule to conflict with Miami Boat Show?

MIAMI – As if recent economic conditions weren’t enough, the Miami International Boat Show may have a new challenge to overcome.

The NFL is looking at whether to pursue a longer season, which might push the Super Bowl back to Presidents’ Day weekend, the weekend on which the Miami International Boat Show is currently held, according to an article today in the Miami Herald.

However, so far, it looks like South Florida’s tourism leaders are supporting boat show organizers, the newspaper reported. When South Florida applied for the 2014 Super Bowl, they said they would not hold the Super Bowl if the NFL moved it to Presidents’ Day weekend, which is one of three weekends the NFL asked contenders to hold open for the game.

But as the region gets ready to compete for the 2015 and 2016 Super Bowls, some are pressuring boat show organizers to move their event to another weekend, an idea they are reluctant to embrace.

Miami show director Cathy Rick-Joule told the newspaper that moving the show to new dates would be tough for exhibitors due to the busy winter boat show schedules they keep, but she suggested that a move might be considered if a “seriously compelling reason” were provided, such as a financial subsidy or other incentive.

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