Internet International yacht broker launches FindaBoat service

SOUTHAMPTON, England — International yacht brokers Nicolle Associates recently launched a new online search portal called FindaBoat, according to a release from the company.

The service, located, has the ability to advise a potential purchaser automatically when a boat fitting the description of their ideal vessel is added to the database, or when the price of an existing boat is changed.

“Most brokers have a search capability on their websites but the buyer has to fill it in each time they want the latest listing of boats that fit their requirements,” the company said in a statement. “Apart from being time consuming, unless it is done very regularly, missing the boat of their dreams becomes a distinct possibility, especially if it is a good value popular model. All this becomes a thing of the past with ‘Findaboat’; fill in the details just once and each time a yacht fitting the description is added to the database the client is e-mailed immediately about the new prospect.”

Nicolle Associates says users of Findaboat will be able to have as many searches running at a time as needed. The company also says hundreds of new yachts are added to its database every week and Findaboat is staffed by fully trained professional brokers able to sell any of the boats they offer without directing potential purchasers on to another broker.

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