Jacobs’ brands to release new models in fall

HOPKINS, Minn. — Larson, Seaswirl, FinCraft and Triumph Boats, four of the companies Irwin Jacobs acquired following the Genmar bankruptcy, will all introduce their new 2011 model year products in September, Jacobs said in a letter to dealers.

“I’m sure you’re aware that several years ago I tried to convince the recreational boating industry’s manufacturers to support me in moving the model year launch for new products into the fall rather than the summer as most boat manufacturers have been doing for decades,” Jacobs said. “Unfortunately, back then I couldn’t get the rest of the recreational boating industry to support my efforts in changing the model year introduction. However, I’m now pleased to acknowledge that most of our industry’s leaders and manufacturers have agreed to delay their 2011 model year introductions until September 2010. This will clearly give boat dealers the opportunity to continue to sell through their existing boat inventories as well as not be concerned about continuing to order 2010 products during the height of the retail selling season without being concerned about 2011 products competing against their 2010 inventories.”

Jacobs said moving the model year changeover to the fall is a historical milestone in the recreational boating industry, which he believes will give dealers an opportunity to substantially lower their inventories and financial risks while increasing profit margins.

In the letter, Jacobs made reference to the saying, “Out of the most difficult things that happen in business, there’s usually something good that comes out of it.”

“I believe that’s the case in the recreational boating industry,” he concluded.

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