Challenger Powerboats for sale

WASHINGTON, Mo. — Challenger Powerboats, which shut down about 18 months ago after it filed for bankruptcy, is now for sale.

Challenger’s former parent company also owned Gekko World Class towboats and Sugar Sand jet boats. Mark Overbye, the founder of Gekko, regained ownership that company and Challenger after the bankruptcy and is running the sale.

“This is an excellent opportunity for another builder to expand their line with an excellent collection of timely products that has won great reviews and enjoyed a solid market position,” Overbye said in a release. “Challenger spent millions on these boats, there are new master plugs, fresh molds and the technology story is a good one. There’s no better way to grow an opportunity than this and I’ll consider all offers.”

The Challenger lineup includes the DDC 33, a new center console 33?, DDC 28, FPS 302 mid cabin, 252 open bow and 250 closed bow models.

The entire collection with pictures of each model and molds is available at

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