New ADP feed eliminates need for hand entry

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – ADP Lightspeed has released a new automatic unit inventory Web feed that eliminates manual entry of unit information into dealer Web sites, according to a release from the company.

Unit information inside the LightspeedEVO DMS can now be fed to dealership Web sites, eliminating the need for double entry and allowing for timelier inventory updates.

“Dealers can’t let information on their Web sites get stale,” Chris Hauck, product manager for ADP Lightspeed, said in the release. “Yet most dealers lack the resources to dedicate someone to update inventory information from their DMS to their Web site. This data feed allows them to do the updates automatically, saving time and giving dealers the ability to capitalize on Internet opportunities.”

The tool gives dealers the ability to integrate unit information, stocking levels and a full list of features found inside the DMS. ADP’s dealer management system will push inventory information from the dealer’s database directly to an FTP site on nightly basis. The information then automatically updates inventory information on the Web, where it will display in the dealer’s customized layout.

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