JMP Corp. establishes U.S. branch

MIAMI, Fla. – With an established presence in South Korea, Japan and other parts of the world, impeller manufacturer JMP Corp. is now expanding to the U.S. marketplace, it reported in a recent statement.

To facilitate this growth, the company opened a U.S. branch, JMP Marine, which will be known as JMPUSA and is headquartered in Miami, Fla. The new branch office has access to a logistics center for inventory management. All ordering, barcoding, packing and shipping will be accomplished from this site.

“Establishing this branch will increase our sales growth, help us fulfill orders even more quickly and build a local presence to fortify U.S. business relationships while setting up distributorships,” said Fred Leidecker, JMPUSA market development director.

Since 1976, JMP Corp. has developed impeller pumps and flexible rubber impellers, as well as spare parts for some name-brand companies.

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