Brazil could increase boat tariffs over trade dispute

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association sent an update Monday on an ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and Brazil that could impact boat exports to Brazil.

In retaliation for a dispute over cotton subsidies, Brazil released a list of U.S. products on which it will raise tariffs. NMMA said it worked closely with Acobar, the Brazilian marine industry association, to advocate for the removal of boats and boat engines from the preliminary draft of the list.

Based on early reports, boat engines are not included on the list; however, boats are included. Other products included are American-made cars, refrigerators and other industrial and agricultural goods. These tariffs would be enacted 30 days from yesterday, when they were announced.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Brazilian Foreign Minister Secretary Celso Amorim, NMMA reported, to begin negotiations on this issue, and both countries expect an agreement to be reached before the list becomes effective.

NMMA said it is working with coalition partners, the Obama administration and Congress to help find a solution for the dispute.

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