PowerCat Group launched to educate boaters

TARBOR, N.C. – At the 2010 Miami Boat Show, the power catamaran manufacturer of World Cat, Glacier Bay, Carolina Cats, and Livingston Cats will launch a new company, the PowerCat Group, to educate boaters about the advantages of catamarans, it reported in a statement today.

The company has developed a new Web site, www.powercatgroup.com, that reviews the myths about cats and discusses the advantages of cats over monohulls, as well as promoting the four brands.

The parent company of World Cat bought both Glacier Bay and Livingston Cats in 2009, and production of the boats were moved to Tarboro. All four brands are now being built in the PowerCat Group’s facilities, according to the company.

Livingston Boats, the most recent addition to the group acquired in December, have been marketed through a dealer network in the west coast and other areas. The PowerCat Group will offer this product line to Glacier Bay/World Cat dealers where it has openings, according to the company. It is accepting additional dealer inquires. Livingston will also sell direct to customers through its Web site. If the customer lives nearby a dealer, then the dealer will provide the delivery and service at no extra charge.

Each PowerCat Group brand is designed to target a different segment of the boating market. World Cat consists of 23′ to 33′ high-end semi-displacement fishing cat boats that can cruise. Glacier Bay is made up of 22′ to 34′ high-end displacement cruising cat boats that can fish. Carolina Cat, the models of which will be available soon, consists of 18′ to 24′ mid-level planning cats for cruising / fishing. And Livingston Cat is made up of 8′ to 19′ entry level planning cats for cruising / fishing, all models of which will be available by spring.

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