MTA/NJ launches Spring Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo

MANASQUAN, N.J. –The Marine Trades Association of New Jersey (MTA/NJ) has launched The Spring Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo, scheduled to be held May 14-16 at First Energy Park in Lakewood, N.J., it reported in a recent statement.

The inaugural Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo was recently held in September at First Energy Park in Lakewood. This new three-day sales event featured over 100 boats on display, including new and pre-owned boats along with over 30 booth exhibits as well as seminars sponsored by The Fisherman and the RFA, the association stated. Over 1600 people attended the show, and feedback from exhibitors and attendees was “extremely positive” with exhibitors asking for a spring show before the fall show was even over, MTA/NJ reported.

“As times have changed, the association has identified a strong need to find a way for marine dealers to market their products in a cost effective, local venue that is easily accessible and affordable to consumers,” MTA/NJ explained. “As a result of this need, the Jersey Shore Boat Sale & Expo was born.”

The spring event will feature new and pre-owned boats and accessories. Admission is $2.00 per person, 12 and younger are free. All proceeds from the event will go back to the MTA/NJ. Those interested in further information can email the association at

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