New virtual boat show to launch in 2010

MIDDLETON, Mass. —, a new virtual boat show, will launch in early 2010, according to a release from the site’s creators.

The Web site hopes to bring together boat buyers and dealers through a year-round virtual boat show, which will provide tools to research local boat dealerships, marine products and boat models. The site will let buyers make offers directly to dealers and include features like marine weather, online seminars, fishing reports, promotions of established boat shows, and a variety of discounts.

Boat Shows at Home was founded and developed by Warren Kelly of Vernon Promotions and Gene Allen of Allen Roche Marine, both based in Boston. Kelly has more than 25 years of experience as a show producer and 38 years as a dealership owner. Allen has spent more than 25 years as partner in an advertising agency that specializes in boat-dealer accounts.

“Our combined backgrounds as show producer, boat retailer and marketing and design firm give us a unique ability to develop a user-friendly site that focuses on specific markets, catering to individual consumers’ boating areas, rather than the global market areas that exist on most of today’s sites,” Kelly said in the release.

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