Jet Dock wins injunction in case against Versa Dock

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Jet Dock Systems Inc, which produces drive-on docking systems for boats and personal watercraft, has been awarded summary judgment and an injunction against Versa Dock in a patent infringement case in federal court, according to a release from Jet Dock.

In 2003, ERA Marine Products, using the name Versa Dock, began the sale and manufacture of a drive-on docking systems, and Jet Dock brought suit for damages and injunction. Jet Dock’s system, which it says was developed and patented in 1996 by its founders, uses individual float units and flexible connections to allow boats and PWC to drive up onto the docking area. The company has won a number of patent cases since it was founded, including a similar case in 2004.

“On October 26, 2009, Judge Adams granted an Injunction in Case 1:03-cv-00913-JRA Document 272 against Versa Dock, forbidding them to manufacture, advertise, use or sell the infringing systems in the United States,” Jet Dock said in its release. “Judge Adams cited both the start of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show — the largest boat show in the world — and the fact that ERA Marine Products, Inc. does not appear to be financially solvent in making his decision and granting the injunction.”

Further proceedings on additional infringement have been scheduled for June 2010, with damages to be determined thereafter.

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