United States Sailboat Show attendance up

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Preliminary reports show an increase in attendance for the 2009 United States Sailboat Show over last year, the third best year in the show’s history, according to a release from show organizers. The 40th anniversary edition of the show was held in Annapolis Oct. 8-12.

“A prominent outerwear company reported that sales were up 58 percent over last year; opening day for SailCare, Inc. was their best in eighteen years; and Jaguar, an automobile sponsor, had an attendee purchase a vehicle onsite, driving it directly from the show to New York State,” organizers said in the release.

Each fall, the United States Sailboat Show draws close to 50,000 sailing enthusiasts to Annapolis, home of the United States Naval Academy. The show and the United States Powerboat Show, which is running now through Oct. 18, produce approximately $51 million in revenue for Annapolis and area businesses, according to organizers.

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