Take Me Fishing releases results of user experience survey

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Visitors to the Take Me Fishing campaign Web site rate their overall experience and satisfaction at an all-time high, according to a survey from the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, which manages the site. The online survey questioned more than 1,000 site visitors.

“This is great news because it shows our efforts to improve the site and enhance the user’s boating and fishing experience is making a difference,” RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson said in a release. “It also gives us valuable insight to boaters and anglers needs, which fuels our strategy to provide relevant and useful information that people of all ages and experience levels can use to enjoy a day on the water.”

Additional findings of the survey include:

— 51 percent of TakeMeFishing.org visitors indicated that they had gone fishing 10 or more times in the past 12 months, significantly higher than non-site visitors (41 percent).

— Six in 10 visitors reported that the site was influential on their past fishing and boating behaviors, and more than eight in 10 reported that they plan to visit the site again in the future.

— State fishing license purchases (among those seeking this type of information) significantly increased among visitors from 2008 (36.4 percent) to 2009 (47.7 percent).

— One third of respondents reported that TakeMeFishing.org has contributed to their likelihood to go fishing in the next 12 months, with one quarter (26 percent) also reporting the site has contributed to their likelihood to go fishing from a boat in the same time period.

— More than one third (37 percent) have visited the boating section on TakeMeFishing.org with eight in 10 indicating they were satisfied with the content.

— Ten percent of respondents indicated they were Fishington members. Among this group, seven in ten (70 percent) were satisfied with the features.

The survey of TakeMeFishing.org users was conducted in August 2009 by Brunner, Inc. An executive summary is available upon request from RBFF Online Strategies Manager Maria Knight at mknight@rbff.org.

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