Automated boat maintenance service is launched

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – A new Web-based subscription service that automates boat maintenance will be introduced to boat owners at the 40th Annual Annapolis Sailboat Show, to be held Oct. 8-12, VesselMetrics LLC reported in a recent statement.

Through the service, called VesselVanguard, boat owners have access to a customized profile of their vessel, including all equipment and components; an at-a-glance calendar of pending work and owner-defined tasks; warranties and maintenance records; and automatically generated product recall and service alerts.

The service issues automatic e-mail alerts to owners and their designated contractors about pending maintenance requirements, the company explained. Work orders can be automatically issued and their progress tracked and recorded.

“I created this technology-enabled service to address the long-standing need to simplify the many asynchronous preventive maintenance requirements for sailboats and powerboats over 30 feet long,” said Don Hyde, founder and managing member of VesselMetrics LLC. “Our mission is to give boat owners greater peace of mind, while spending more time on the water.”

Once a maintenance or repair task is completed, VesselVanguard updates the historical record for the ship’s maintenance log. Additional features include augmented, searchable trouble-shooting guides, current weather and tide data, informational links and an international social networking community, according to the company.

VesselMetrics expects membership in to increase the resale value of a boat and offer benefits in insurance coverage. Future plans include merchant enterprise programs to increase sales for boat dealers and landed support industries including restaurants, hotels, travel-related services and real estate, the company reported.

Subscriptions for the service will be available in spring 2010. Until then, the company said it is seeking engagement with manufacturers and retailers and is accepting registration of potential members.

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