New engine e-commerce site launches

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A new web site at aims to make it easier for vessel owners to purchase an engine, according to a release from iMarinePower.

“Marine engines have typically been difficult to shop for because most consumer level sales outlets are direct from the manufacturer who display only their products,” the company said.

The site offers a network of marine engine manufacturers, both diesel and gas, with both OEM manufacturers as well as new, remanufactured and used engines. The company says it has distribution centers across the United States.

According to iMarinePower, the site also offers pricing that is better than direct from the manufacturer and has a trained staff to assist consumers.

“Customer Service is a must in this industry because these engines are expensive and require attention to detail to insure that the customer gets the best possible choice for their boat” Matthew E. Prude, vice president of sales, said in the release.

Most engines are available either new or remanufactured and are shipped direct to the consumer.

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