NMDA survey results suggest optimism

ESSEX, Conn. – A slight majority of marine distributors who participated in the National Marine Distributors Association’s annual member survey expect accessory sales to be up in 2010, after a year when they reported three-quarters of dealers saw a drop in sales. This year’s survey had a 91 percent return rate, according to NMDA.

In response to the survey, 76 percent of participants said their total sales volume of marine accessories was down in 2009, with 14 percent saying it was up and 10 percent reporting the same sales.

However, when asked about expectations for 2010 sales, 52 percent of respondents predicted sales would be up, 5 percent said down and 43 percent said they would be the same.

Based on their predictions for 2010, 24 percent said they would maintain a larger inventory, 24 percent said smaller and 52 percent said their inventory would remain the same.

Other questions and responses included:

“Were collections on your sales in 2009 faster or slower than in 2008?”
Faster 0%; Slower 43%; Same 57%.

“The number of dealers you service in 2009 is up, down or the same in comparison to 2008?” Up 29%; Down 38%; Same 33%.

“The average size order by your dealers in 2009 is up, down or the same in comparison to 2008?” Up 5%; Down 62%; Same 33%.

“The number of dealers who declared bankruptcy and/or simply closed their doors in 2009 in comparison to 2008?” Up 81%; Down 0%; Same 19%.

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