NMMA submits formal E15 comments

WASHINGTON — On Monday, the final day to comment on an ethanol waiver under consideration by the EPA, the National Marine Manufacturers Association submitted nearly 40 pages of comments opposing the petition, according the a release from the NMMA.

The petition by Growth Energy requests a waiver to allow the sale of ethanol gasoline blends of up to 15 percent, which the NMMA contends could lead to serious performance, durability and emissions problems in recreational marine engines.

In its comments, NMMA urged EPA to deny the waiver petition in its entirety, including the issuance of a “partial waiver” that would attempt to create a dual fuel supply allowing the sale of E15 for newer motor vehicles.

According to the NMMA, more than 30,000 marine industry employees, boaters and others also submitted comments to EPA urging the agency to deny the waiver.

“NMMA’s comments raise substantial concerns with E15 and demonstrate that there is insufficient information on the impacts of E15 on marine engines and fuel systems,” NMMA President Thom Dammrich said in the release. “It is clear that EPA lacks the scientific and technical information required by law to approve the ethanol industry’s request to allow E15 and we strongly urge EPA to deny the waiver petition.”

In addition to these comments, NMMA submitted comments as part of the Alliance from Safe Alternative Fuels Environment, a group of engine manufacturers and other groups focused on bio-fuels. NMMA also joined a coalition of groups in urging the Senate Appropriations Committee and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to instruct Congress not to interfere in the blend wall issue.

The EPA has until Dec. 1 to grant or deny Growth Energy’s wavier petition. To see the NMMA’s comments in their entirety, click here.

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