BoatU.S. Cooperating Marina Program signs up 900th marina

ALEXANDRIA, Va. –, a Web site launched in 1997 offering boaters an array of discounts on fuel, transient slips, and repairs, has signed up its 900th marina participant, it reported in a statement released this week.

“During this economic downturn marinas are looking for incremental revenue anywhere they can find it – and boaters are looking for a break,” said Cooperating Marina Program Director Jim Schofield. “We help marinas and boat yards find that revenue by tapping into our 600,000 BoatU.S. members, attracting sales a marina might not normally get.”

Marinas and boat yards that are a part of the BoatU.S. program are required to offer discounts to their members that carry a BoatU.S. membership card, the association explains. Discounts can come in the form of 10 cents off per gallon of fuel, 25 percent off of transient slips, or 15 percent off repairs. According to Schofield, over 300 of the marinas that are part of the program offer the fuel discount, which tends to be popular with BoatU.S. members.

Participating marinas are listed on the Web site and have their own page within the “Marinas” portion of the site. On-site, point-of-sale signage and flags from BoatU.S. are included, and the marinas can also take advantage of local promotions with cooperative advertising dollars offered by BoatU.S., according to the group.

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