Apex Marine takes over Allied Marine service yard

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Apex Marine LLC has taken over Allied Marine’s service yard on Fort Lauderdale’s New River, according to a release this week from Apex. The company said its goals are “expanding services and improving customer service.”

Ismael “Issy” Perera, a retired corporate executive living on Key Biscayne and former customer of Allied Marine, is the owner and president of Apex Marine, which launched operation of the site June 1. Perera negotiated a five-year lease with the Related Group — owner of the property — and purchased all equipment and tools formerly used by Allied Marine at their service facility, including an 88-ton TravelLift crane. The purchase also included all parts currently on inventory, the release states.

Within the nearly two-acre facility, Apex will also utilize 25,000-square feet of covered and office space in the existing three-story building on site and operate the docks stretching along 300 feet of river frontage.

The difference that customers and boat owners will notice immediately, according to Apex, is that the repair yard will now service all brands and models of boats, not just those sold under the Allied banner.

“This now a full service boatyard open to all boat owners,” Perera said in the release. Depending on the size of vessels being serviced, Perera says the yard can handle repairs on about 14 boats simultaneously.

Many of the yard’s former workers were offered positions with Apex, including Service Manager Bill Dalton, now Vice President of Service.

“When it became known that Allied Marine did not want to renew its lease on the facility, Bill called me and asked me if I would be interested in owning a boat yard,” Perera said. “I have purchased three boats from Allied Marine and Bill had provided the service and customization for all of them. I told him the only way I would consider it is if he would guarantee me that he would stay on to manage the service.”

As Apex Marine, the yard will provide service and repair for yachts of 30 to approximately 85 feet with the upper limits defined by the TraveLift at 88 tons or a beam of 21’ 9”. The yard has a spray booth for exterior painting and will also provide a full gamut of mechanical and electrical services, including repowering and interior refits.

Christopher “Kit” Denison of Marine Realty, who arranged the deal between the Related Group and Perera, said in the release that the facility first opened as a Hatteras dealership in the 1980s.

“I’m pleased that Related has chosen to keep this valuable facility as part of our working waterfront,” Denison said, “at least for another five years.”

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