Commercial and government markets drive ACB growth

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Aluminum Chambered Boats, Inc.’s (ACB) strategy to streamline production and focus its attention on commercial and government markets has resulted in dramatic growth in the first quarter, compared to the same period of last year, it reported in a recent statement.

ACB posted record first quarter revenue, up 269 percent over the prior year’s first quarter sales and a $17-million backlog that creates steady work for its 86 employees.

ACB attributed its growth in part to the success of the newest addition to its line of commercial products, the Law Enforcement Vessel (LEV), and the continued production of other existing government and commercial long term contracts.

“We honed and streamlined our production plant making it an extremely efficient operation,” said ACB President Jim Moore. “We were able to double our production capacity, and reduce the build time of most boats to 90-120 days. The past several months of economic upheaval have put a damper on some companies and their ability to fill custom boat orders. ACB is healthy and extremely well positioned to take on new customers and additional orders.”

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