New regulations drive auto supplier into marine biz

MIAMI, Fla. – Following the passage of new marine fuel system requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency in September, automotive supplier Delphi Corp. is entering the marine industry through an exclusive distribution deal with Perko, Inc., the companies reported in a recent statement.

Under the deal, Perko, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Delphi’s full line of Marine Evaporative Emissions Canisters, according to the companies.

Delphi Marine Evaporative Emissions Canisters help limit the amount of gasoline vapors released into the environment from boats with built-in fuel tanks, the companies stated. The EPA regulations passed last September are changing the fuel-system requirements on all boats with fixed fuel storage, limiting the amount of harmful vapors released into the atmosphere during fuel storage. In advance of those regulations, California’s Air Resource Board has already enacted limits for hydrocarbon (HC) and nitrous-oxide (NOx) emissions on high-performance boats, according to the companies.

“Delphi has been recognized as a leader in automotive evaporative emissions for more than 30 years,” said Kevin Quinlan, Delphi’s director of fuel handling and evaporative emissions. “Now, thanks to this partnership with Perko, the leading supplier of combination fuel fills and vents, Delphi will be able to bring our expertise to the marine industry with a variety of environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solutions in advance of changing regulations.”

“Delphi has manufactured more than 200 million canisters for vehicles and attained high customer quality ratings,” said George Bellwoar, Perko’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Subsequently, they committed to work with the EPA, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Boat and Yacht Council to develop the industry’s marine canister program and now bring automotive quality and reliability to marine fuel systems. We’re very pleased to have Delphi as our partner.”

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