Genmar Yacht Group launches Facebook pages

PULASKI, Wis. – As part of its social media strategy, Genmar Yacht Group has launched Facebook pages for its Marquis Yachts and Carver Yachts brands, it reported in a recent statement.

“The goal behind Genmar Yacht Group’s social media strategy is to create an ongoing dialogue with our brands’ owners, those who desire to own our brands, and yachting enthusiasts,” said Genmar Yacht Group Marketing Manager Tanessa Klug. “We would like to learn more about their yachting experiences and engage them with our brands through ongoing communications and our excellent customer service team.”

Klug said the company was inspired to get involved on Facebook by several unofficial fan pages appearing on the site originated by its customers.

“This provided validation that people who like our brands were seeking out information about us through this vehicle,” she explained. “Our team was enthused to see such strong interest in our brands and decided to connect with the large base of online admirers directly by creating an official global networking page for fans around the world to connect with one another.”

The company described Facebook product pages as a natural way for customers to connect with their favorite brands, given its “proactive and dynamic way of disseminating information to fans” through updates that “are automatically pushed out to customers via the newsfeed.”

Genmar Yacht Group hopes to use Facebook to create a networking environment for participants to discuss relevant topics, share photos/videos of their yachting experiences, and gain access to exclusive content from Genmar Yacht Group, she added.

“We are also encouraging our dealers to create their own Facebook pages, as a way to keep in touch with and engage their marina residents, owners’ club participants, and customers,” Klug concluded.

Click here to visit the Carver Yachts page on Facebook or click here to visit the Marquis Yachts page.

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