Alaska legislature passes dealer bill

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Alaska House passed the concurrence version of H.B. 177, the Alaska Dealer Bill, at 6:40 PM on Sunday night, April 19, 40-for to 0-against about one hour and 20 minutes before the end of the legislative session, the Marine Retailers Association of America reported in a statement this morning. The Alaska Senate had passed the same bill on Friday 19-for to 0-against. The bill now goes to Governor Sarah Pallin.

Plans are currently being suggested to Governor Pallin to have the bill signing ceremony at a marine dealership, MRAA reported. The bill passed every committee and both chambers of the legislature with unanimous votes achieving broad bi-partisan support that clearly went across all political viewpoints, MRAA stated. Not one member of the legislature ever voted against the bill, it pointed out.

In its statement, MRAA congratulated the Alaska Marine Dealers Association “for achieving a near impossible task that could be the game changer for the entire industry. The massive victory was achieved with the support of a coalition of marine dealers, snowmobile dealers, and consumers and goes a long way to vastly improve the boat buying experience in Alaska.”

MRAA also thanked “a group of supporters in the Alaska State House without whom H.B. 177 could not have passed, including the primary sponsor of the bill, Rep. John Coghill, Chairman of the House Rules Committee; Sen. Charlie Huggins, Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, Rep. Kurt Olson, Chairman of the House Labor and Commerce Committee and Sen. Joe Paskvan, Chairman of the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee.”

NMMA was unavailable for comment in time for this news article.

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