Florida lawmakers consider capping yacht tax

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A bill moving through the Florida Legislature would cap the sales tax on boats and planes at $25,000, according to a report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The bill is called the Aviation and Maritime Full Employment Act.

Proponents argue that the bill would provide the state with some needed economic stimulus and prevent people from avoiding Florida sales taxes by buying a boat elsewhere and registering it in a tax-friendly locale.

”I’m certainly not in favor of giving more tax breaks to the rich and famous, but I do want to make sure we can protect business and keep people employed,” Sen. Nan Rich said in the report.

However, detractors say that now is not the time to be giving tax breaks to the very wealthy.

“It’s ridiculous,” Rep. Scott Randolph said in the report. “We’re talking about increasing the cost of a driver’s license and other fees and now we’re going to hand out tax breaks to those who can afford yachts and planes? People would be outraged.”

The bill must go through another House committee before moving on to the full body of the House, and it has several stops in the Senate with time running out in the session.

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