MRAA testimony supports Alaska Dealer Bill

WASHINGTON — The Marine Retailer’s Association of America's director of government relations, Larry Innis, testified in support of the Alaska Dealer Bill this week, MRAA reported in a release.

The bill, H.B. 177, implements consumer protections for various recreational vehicles by requiring manufacturers to replace defective products, and it includes statutes that deal with the cancellation, nonrenewal and transfer of dealership agreements, according to a statement by the bill's sponsor, Rep. John Coghill.

Innis joined supporters, including boat dealers, consumer advocates and an automobile dealer, before Alaska's House Labor and Commerce Committee, where he described the history of the dealer agreement controversy dating back to 1976, according to MRAA. Innis also spoke about the importance of a strong warranty reimbursement program and assurances from boat manufacturers on future business relationships, the association said.

Other dealers and consumers described problems with current warranty procedures, quality control of boats and the challenges in Alaska to fulfill wage demands of employees when dealers receive insufficient reimbursements for warranty claims, MRAA reported.

The bill passed out of committee 7-0 and was immediately referred to the House Rules Committee awaiting floor action.

“The Alaska Dealer Bill addresses many of the issues expressed by boat dealers throughout the long history of this issue and has strong support in the Alaska legislature, but time is fast running toward adjournment," MRAA Chairman Ed Lofgren said in a statement. "Action in the next couple of weeks will be critical.”

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