NMBA launches Webinar on finding loans

CHICAGO, Ill. — The National Marine Bankers Association has created a new Web-based tutorial to help members of the marine industry find and develop loan sources, according to a release Tuesday.

The free 15-minute Webinar (posted here) reviews the basics of uncovering prospective lenders on a local and regional basis and identifies ways to approach and encourage them to extend credit services to consumers and businesses. It also acts as a compact refresher on lender relationship basics, according to the NMBA, and offers a step-by-step approach to maintaining a dialogue with banks and other credit entities.

“Relationship building, communication and networking with the lending community has never been more important to the revival of the boating industry than it is today,” Jim Coburn, NMBA president and program narrator, said in the release. “We need grassroots efforts at the local lending level to maintain, as well as uncover, new funds and this ‘back-to-basics’ tutorial will help marine businesses gain comfort and knowledge in working with lenders.”

Program topics include: Identifying potential lenders, preparing for a lender visit, materials to make available during a lender visit, how to educate a lender on the boating business and its customers, understanding a lender’s position and program offerings, when to discuss rates, the role of Small Business Administration loans and how to reinforce to prospects that marine lending statistics indicate the process is profitable and safe.

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