Hatteras chairman sees industry change ahead

NEW BERN, N.C. — Hatteras Yachts Chairman Bill Naumann told the New Bern Sun Journal the marine industry needs a new business model, but he does not foresee more layoffs at the New Bern Hatteras plant, according to a Thursday report in the Sun Journal.

“The market is not firming as fast as anybody in the industry had hoped and potential buyers appear to be still frozen by ambiguity,” Naumann told the paper. “I really believe that when we come out of this, the people in this industry — manufacturers and dealers — are going to have to come up with a new business model. We’re experiencing some permanent structural and attitudinal changes. Decisions are being driven by price.”

However, Naumann does not anticipate more job cuts at the New Bern plant, which has cut its workforce to about 300 employees from a one-time high of more than 1,400 people, the Sun Journal reported.

The New Bern Plant is currently operating on a 32-hour work week, and Naumann told the Sun Journal the company is consistently evaluating its position.

Naumann told the paper he wouldn’t be surprised to see a furlough, noting that employees would be the first to know no matter what the situation.

“We have trimmed back to what we consider the core group we think we need to be ready to do business when things turn around,” he told the Sun Journal.

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