Marine industry supplier reports 2008 growth

MADISON, Tenn. – Metal Moulding, a custom manufacturer of metal and plastic parts for the marine industry, saw strong growth in 2008 due to the purchase of a new CNC machine for its plastics department, and a Trumpf 3030 laser for its metal works, the company reported in a statement today.

In addition, Metal Moulding’s ability to enter the wood laminate cabinet and solid surface countertop arena has opened many new doors both within and outside the marine industry, it stated.

This diversification as a custom fabricator enables MMC to maintain stable volume and production year-round, according to the company. Following a 22-year history of dedication to the marine industry, it continues to be the manufacturer’s core business platform, commented Jimmy Parrish, owner and founder of Metal Moulding Corp. However, its non-marine business has been growing steadily over the past few years, he added.

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