Port Royal Group manages motor yacht start-up

MIAMI, Fla. — The Fort Lauderdale-based Port Royal Group will manage production of the prototype Axcell 6500 Prototype Air-Lift Catamaran Motoryacht, according to a release from Port Royal. The yacht will incorporate new MACS (multiple air cavity ships) technology, which, according to Port Royal, will allow it to produce high speeds using slightly more than half the propulsion power of conventional single hull vessels.

“With fuel costs being so high, and promising to rise again in the foreseeable future, being able to achieve high performance on roughly half the fuel one would otherwise use, will yield a very significant reduction in operating cost,” said Port Royal Group President Phil Friedman in the release.

MACS inventor Bruce Barsumian is an electronics engineer and manufacturer who has worked on the concept for nearly a decade, according to Port Royal. The technology blends a stepped hull form with underwater pressurized air cavities to produce high speeds with less power, according to Friedman.

Following successful prototype testing, Barsumian employed megayacht designer and stylist J.C. Espinosa to style the exterior and interior of the Axcell 6500, Port Royal said. Then he approached Friedman about the project.

Vectorworks Marine in Titusville, Fla., produced the tooling and handled the molding and assembly of the new yacht.

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