ZNA forms yacht division

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Zodiac of North America, Inc. has established the Zodiac Yacht Division, an internal department headed by Alan Brocious, previously the national sales manager, the company reported in a release yesterday.

"In recent years, an explosion of products have been forced on the market, which has been good for price competition, but has complicated the process of choosing a reliable product," Brocious, Yacht Division Manager, Zodiac of North America, said. "Builders, brokers and designers need to make the best choice for their customers - as the market place has become crowded, that's not been easy. Issues like warranty, global service, NMMA certification, financial stability of the manufacturer, and quality innovations have gotten lost."

To assist members of the super yacht industry, the Zodiac Yacht Division has developed a new Web site for builders, brokers and designers: www.ZodiacYachtDivision.com. The site is intended to be a specifying resource for the industry, where visitors can review essential technical data regarding crane, davit, cradle, and garage limitations, and actually show their clients photos of the vessels they recommend, along with the global network of support. They can also interface with Brocious, who will shepherd orders and customizations through the factory to final delivery.

"By being the single point of contact for this important industry, I can assure customers a smooth and professional process from start to finish, allowing our industry partners to remain focused on other aspects of their business," Brocious said.

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