HiTide Manufacturing Group formed through merger

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Innovative Product Solutions, LLC and Jim Black & Associates have merged to form HiTide Manufacturing Group, LLC, the new company reported in a recent statement.

Together, they are positioned to provide the marine market with their current line of products and services while building a new line of HiTide Marine Products to be introduced this coming spring, the statement suggested. The resulting product portfolio will include the Innovative Product Solutions doors, tubs, tackle centers, deck plates, and accessories coupled with like products from Jim Black. Jim Black products will also add ventilation and escape hatches, along with port lights, and other window products.

“The merger gives our customers and stakeholders a chance to efficiently do business with one company in lieu of separate entities,” the newly merged group stated.

The merger will not cause any interruption in business, as these companies already co-existed in the same location since April of 2008, it added.

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