EPS acquires 50-percent share of Vectorworks Marine

TINTON FALLS, N.J. — EPS Corp., which provides specialized personnel, products and services to many United States government agencies, has acquired a 50-percent stake in Vectorworks Marine LLC, a Florida-based manufacturer of reinforced plastic composite vessels.

Vectorworks produces marine vessels for military, commercial, sport and recreational use. The company provides its services to government agencies, commercial entities and other marine manufacturers worldwide.

“EPS is pleased to join Vectorworks as a partner. We have, from day one, been highly impressed with Vectorworks, its engineering capabilities, its professionalism, and the quality of its production and vessel manufacturing facilities,” said EPS Chairman and CEO Francesco A. Musorrafiti in announcing the acquisition.

Marketing and sales of Hovercraft and other composite vessels will be a joint effort by EPS and Vectorworks, the companies reported.

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