Dockscape launches online communications tool

MARION, Mass. – Dockscape, a new company that offers electronic communications solutions for the marine industry, has launched a web-based service designed to help companies strengthen customer relations and grow their businesses, it reported in a statement this morning.

Using Dockscape’s web service, yard and marina operators can produce online communications from content-rich e-newsletters to customer bulletins and service promotions with a minimal investment of time, according to the company.

The company said its goal is to help companies keep their customers well informed about their boats and maintenance, as well as the capabilities of the people and facilities that care for their vessels in hopes of both improving the customer’s boating experience and strengthening customer loyalty. Companies using the service report an increased demand for their services, according to Dockscape.

“When it comes to boats, the most important relationship a boat owner has is with his or her yard or marina,” said Jack Gierhart, co-founder of Dockscape. “The yard cares for an asset that is truly an owner’s passion, and that yard has a wealth of knowledge about how to get the most enjoyment from a boat and keep it in top shape. Owners welcome information and advice from their yards.”

According to Gierhart, Dockscape tested the service with a range of yards – from large multi-location organizations to small family-run companies with limited staff and resources – allowing it to produce an economical service that removes the technical complexities of developing and managing online communications.

To produce an e-communication with Dockscape, companies create the messages they want to send to customers. Additional content from an expansive database can be added-including timely marine weather alerts and articles on cruising destinations, operations, maintenance, safety as well as equipment reviews. Dockscape uses guides to help companies create their messages, and then manages the details of formatting, assembling, sending, and tracking the communications, the company reported.

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