Trailer manufacturer to consolidate its operations

HUMBOLDT, Iowa – Marine and recreational trailer builder HLT Ltd., formerly known as Hawkeye Leisure Trailers, will consolidate its trailer operations to Humboldt, Iowa, moving the remaining Eagle Trailer production immediately, it reported in a statement yesterday.

HLT, which is currently producing Eagle components and product in Humboldt, said it doesn’t foresee any delay in producing product for its customers.

“Determining that we needed to consolidate our manufacturing process was a very difficult decision, and not one we take lightly,” said Rod Harklau, vice president. “The tough economic times that the global economy is facing has dictated that we must take strong measures to remain competitive. We have great employees at the Homer plant, and this decision is not reflective of their skill, dedication and capabilities. We would like to thank them for their effort.”

He added that the move would “give us the opportunity to generate growth that will allow our overall organization to become more streamlined and to thrive.”

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