Attwood partners with fuel-systems maker

LOWELL, Mich. – Parts and accessories provider Attwood has entered into a long-term design, manufacturing and distribution partnership with The Stant Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of automotive fuel systems and related components, Attwood reported in a release this week.

The company’s will work together to develop what they say will be the “next generation of marine fuel systems capable of meeting all upcoming CARB and EPA regulations in the most economical and safest way possible.”

Attwood will serve as Stant’s exclusive partner in the marine industry.

“Attwood is proud to help our industry through a challenging transition to CARB and EPA compliant fuel systems,” said Chris Drees, president of Attwood. “While marine fuel systems have remained relatively simple and unchanged for many years, new regulations will require a significant increase in their complexity to function effectively. We cannot approach this one component at a time, but rather the fuel system in its entirety must be considered and optimized. Additionally, as part of this program, Attwood is taking concrete steps to solve the persistent problem of fuel spill and spitback in the marine industry,”

Attwood said it would demonstrate the first steps of this program at next week’s International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference, where the first generation marine carbon canister system intended to meet the CARB requirements in California will be introduced.

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