Suppliers form strategic alliance

BALTIMORE, Md. and RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. – In an effort to combine their strengths, Delta “T” Systems, Inc., Sea-Fire Marine and Marine Exhaust Systems, Inc. are teaming up to create a strategic alliance through which the companies will join forces for marketing, sales, warehousing, distribution, trade shows and technical support, they reported in a statement yesterday.

“Sea-Fire and Marine Exhaust’s products complement our versatile ventilation systems and the cross-promotion will increase sales for everyone,” said Delta “T” Systems President Lynn Oien.

Cross-training is already in progress to help employees from Delta “T” Systems, Sea-Fire Marine and Marine Exhaust Systems understand and know how to install each other’s products.

“We all have very technical systems and deal with similar situations, such as engine room temperature,” said Sea-Fire President Ernie Ellis. “It just made sense for us to unite. The alliance will also benefit our customers. We work with many of the same companies and now can consolidate shipments and offer three times the products and services.”

“By combining efforts, we’ll have a massive global presence and ensure our customers unmatched safety and performance,” said Marine Exhaust Vice President Sheila Prieschl.

Sea-Fire Marine is a supplier of fire suppression technology. Marine Exhaust Systems manufactures diesel exhaust system packages. Delta “T” Systems designs and manufactures custom ventilation systems.

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