New dates focus of NY boat show campaign

CHICAGO – The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has launched a marketing campaign to spread the word to consumers about the new dates of the New York National Boat Show, being held Dec. 13-21, it reported in a recent statement.

The marketing campaign follows the theme, “Where will you be December 13?,” with a promotional video being distributed online at The new theme is the backdrop for all show marketing efforts, which are expanded this year to ensure the new dates are promoted throughout the entire market, according to organizers.

Expanded efforts include a viral campaign with banner ads and strategic online placement of the promotional video, public relations and advertising that support the new theme, and attendance-driving promotional elements detailed at, NMMA reported.

The association said it has received industry support for the show’s new dates. For example, Brunswick Corp. will be a prominent exhibitor at the 2008 show, as will Genmar Holdings Inc.

“We understand NMMA’s decision to change the dates and will be at this year’s show to demonstrate our support for the industry and our dealers,” said George Neill, chief marketing officer for Brunswick. “We believe in trying something innovative and different at a significant show like New York, especially given the current state of our industry, and we wanted to ensure that our dealers could take full advantage of this opportunity.”

“While initially concerned by the new dates, we believe the decisions, energies and marketing efforts being put forth by NMMA to make this a successful selling venue is extremely encouraging.” said Genmar’s Irwin Jacobs. “The show now offers the opportunity for Genmar’s participating brands and their dealers to have a very successful beginning to 2009.”

Local dealers are also on board with the new dates, added organizers. “With NMMA’s new campaign and Brunswick’s support, we’re hoping to see an increase in traffic this year,” said Matthew Barbara, of MarineMax’s Surfside 3. “We know there are more New York-area residents in town shopping for the holidays in mid-December, so the new dates put us in a prime position to take advantage of these potential new customers.”

Irwin Ross of Freeport Marine Supply, one of the New York Show’s largest accessories and electronics exhibitors, noted that, “Moving the New York dates to the current time frame is truly one of the best decisions we ever made for our industry in this part of the country. I’m excited to see what’s in store for us as a result of the move, especially since customers are typically more eager to buy before the holidays than after.”

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