Intellian launches U.S. branch

IRVINE, Calif. – Intellian Technologies Inc. of Seoul, South Korea, has brought its full line of satellite systems for power and sailboats to the United States, the company said in a press release Thursday. Intellian also opened a new facility in Irvine, Calif., to better meet anticipated demand in and serve the North and South American markets.

While the Intellian brand is new to the American marine industry, the company’s satellite communications technology has been available in the United States previously.

“For many years, Intellian has been manufacturing satellite TV systems for a renowned marine electronics company,” said John Minetola, Intellian vice president of sales. “We’re now entering the American marine market with a comprehensive line of advanced satellite systems.”

The company also has aggressive new product plans for 2008-2009, including the Intellian i1, a small satellite system; and the Intellian i9 for luxury yachts.

“The United States pleasure boat market is the largest and most important in the world, so we felt it was absolutely necessary to have a strong presence here,” says Eric Sung, CEO and president. “The strong marine market in California, together with its year-round boating climate and geographic location, made the state an ideal base of operations for serving all of North and South America.”

Intellian plans to utilize its new Southern California home as a research and development center for the Americas.

“By having a home base in the U.S., we can better understand industry trends and anticipate the needs of the market,” Sung said.

In keeping with this desire to anticipate market and industry needs, Intellian plans to expand the new facility’s role to include technical service and training. This will enable Intellian to meet growing demand for after-sale service and technical support for its range of products.

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