Volvo Penta trains Spanish-speaking dealers

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Volvo Penta completed it first round of Spanish-speaking technical training at the plant at its Chesapeake headquarters with select international Tiara Yachts-selling boat dealers, it reported in a statement yesterday.

The effort reached out to Tiara’s international service technicians in dealerships so they can relay information to customers on the installation and functionality of Volvo Penta engine systems, the company stated.

“The training provided ‘hands on’ use of Vodia Tools for cabling, calibration and other basic diagnostics,” said Rick Pruitt, director of training for Volvo Penta. “Our goal is to teach these techs to identify simple problems they will be able to correct as well as give them the ability to further explain service issues to customers.”

“We have tailored this training program specific to each boat selling dealer’s needs,” Pruitt added. “Tiara Yachts’ Dealer Maintenance Program helps identify and address customer requests quickly and this facet of their training provides the expertise needed to educate customers on the service process in the Tiara platforms.”

Pruitt said the Volvo Penta Inboard Propulsion System (IPS) is so tightly integrated to the boat that the training needs to be tailored to each of these Spanish-speaking boat-selling dealers, to give them a thorough understanding of integration between their boats and our system. “From the key switch to the propeller, the entire product is Volvo Penta.”

The training does not replace Volvo Penta’s in-depth IPS service training component. “We only wanted to provide the tools for basic diagnosis so boat selling dealers can help identify service needs rapidly, to maximize the time a customer spends on the water.” said Pruitt.

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