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There’s rarely a time when any marine company is more visible than Brunswick Corp. As times have been good over the last five years, every step of Brunswick’s path toward filling in its white space has been documented in the news. And as things have fallen on tougher times, the company’s poor earnings reports have led the way with the doom and gloom.

So goes the life of a public company.
There’s no denying that it has been a tough year for the industry and for its largest company. In the last couple months alone, the company has laid off at least 84 employees and announced it will soon stop production of four of its boat brands, a move that will affect about 175 positions.

In today’s highly challenging market
conditions, its very visible efforts to adapt to them have subjected the public company to a whole new level of critique from its peers. And to balance that out, Boating Industry Senior Editor Liz Walz sat down with its chairman and CEO, Dusty McCoy, in a one-on-one interview to gain an inside perspective on the company’s recent actions, its vision for the future and its frequently criticized past, as well as the industry’s biggest challenges.

The full version of this two-hour Q&A was published as a four-part series in a Boating Industry e-News Special Report. If you missed it, check it out in the “Web Exclusives” section of Click on the “Free Newsletters” tab at the same site to ensure you don’t miss the next report.

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