Bertram eliminates use of acetone

MIAMI – Bertram Yacht, Inc. said it has effectively eliminated the use of acetone from its manufacturing processes as part of what it called a major step in its ongoing implementation of “green” initiatives.

In a press release this week, Bertram said the move reinforces its commitment to improve health, safety and environmental practices in the manufacturing plant.

“In order to continue producing the finest product and remain as a leading force in the marine industry, Bertram recognizes the significance of upholding nothing short of the highest quality standards in all levels of production processes,” said Mike Myers, COO and president of Bertram Yacht. “I will strive to oversee every measure set forth at the manufacturing plant in order to exceed the current standards that are in place.”

Acetone is typically used by many boat manufacturers in their production process for the cleaning of fiberglass, tools, and equipment. Although it is a very effective cleaning agent and its use is completely legal, it does pose certain health, safety and environmental concerns. The act of eliminating this material has introduced a large number of benefits for both the environment and the employees of Bertram Yacht, the company said.

In addition to eliminating the hazardous waste and atmospheric pollutants generated by acetone, the risk of fire is largely reduced with the alternative materials now in use. The alternative non-hazardous and citrus based materials now used as cleaning agents are non flammable, recyclable and do not possess the same irritating qualities as acetone. Additionally these new materials do not release any toxic emissions into the environment, Bertram said.

Bertram has also undertaken other environmentally friendly measures; disposing of contaminated materials; making strides in its recycling efforts; lowering the amount of styrene in the resin and gel coat that is used in production and employing a special dust collection system, which effectively collects the workshop dusts and filters it into a sealed container.

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