Ribcraft offers free gas promotion

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. – Inflatable boat builder Ribcraft is providing its new boat buyers with a free gas card worth $1,000, the company reported in a recent statement.

"Consumers have been shaken by the spike in fuel prices. There's been a lot of talk about boaters staying ashore this coming season because of sky rocketing fuel prices" said Brian Gray, Ribcraft president. "We don't think gas prices should keep people away from doing what they love to do or have to do. There are already states and municipalities planning to cut back on-water patrols due to fuel prices; we see that as a recipe for disaster and want to do our part to insure cut backs don't happen."

The RIB industry, unlike solid sided manufacturers, is seeing unprecedented growth in sales this year, the company stated. Higher fuel prices are actually helping recreational RIB sales as these boats are lighter then traditional solid sided boats and therefore can use smaller engines to achieve the same performance of a heavier solid sided boat, it explained. A RIB's lighter weight also helps conserve fuel on land as they don't require a big tow vehicle – in most cases they can be towed by a smaller, more fuel efficient car, the company stated.

Customers who purchase any new Ribcraft rigid inflatable boat 19 feet in length and greater between May 15th and June 30th will receive a $1,000 gas card at the time of delivery. This offer is available to both recreational and professional customers.

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