Marine Dealer Trader releases new online warranty system

JACKSON, Mich. – Online inventory search module provider Marine Dealer Trader has released its online retail warranty registration system, which is integrated with its online warranty claim form system, it reported in a recent statement.

This system will allow dealers to retail warranty register sold units online and have the ability to recall any of the registrations by customer name or hull identification number from its database, according to the company. The warranty claim system will retrieve all of the customer and boat or pontoon information need to complete a claim, reducing the input effort of the dealer inputting the claim, the company explained. This warranty claim system will also give the manufacturer the ability to edit any of the incoming claims.

“Our exclusive automatic notification system notifies both the manufacturers warranty administrator and the dealer of incoming claims, approvals or rejections,” the company stated, “eliminating the waiting period to between monthly account statements to see which warranty claims were completed and which were not.”

Marine Dealer Trader currently offers to manufacturers the ability to list any yard inventory that is viewable by their dealer base only and dealers the ability to trade product amongst themselves in a “brand specific” arena, eliminating crossover of product lines. A parts locator system is also part of the system, allowing dealers and manufacturers the ability to list parts online for the entire dealer group to search and giving manufacturers the ability to sell old stock or warehouse parts to a broader audience, the company stated.

Future additions will include a boat and parts order system that will be comprised of the same notification systems as the warranty claim form system, according to the company.

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