2010 Top 100 Manheim Specialty Leadership Alliance Member

2010 Top 100 Leadership Alliance Member

Manheim Specialty Auctions Offer Unique In lane and Online Boat Buying and Selling Experience

Manheim, a trusted name in the auction industry for more than 60 years, created the Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment business in 2005 to meet the growing needs of customers looking for used vehicles other than the traditional automobile. As the demand for Specialty vehicles increased, Manheim created sales dedicated to Boats, RVs, Motorcycles, and PowerSports vehicles at 17 locations in North America.

Manheim Specialty Auction locations include:

  • Manheim DRIVE; Stockbridge, GA
  • Manheim Dallas-Ft. Worth; Ft Worth, TX
  • Manheim Indianapolis; Indianapolis, IN
  • Manheim Lakeland; Lakeland, FL
  • Manheim Minneapolis; Maple Grove, MN
  • Manheim Missouri; Springfield, MO
  • Manheim New York; Newburgh, NY
  • Manheim Pensacola; Pensacola, FL
  • Manheim Tucson; Tucson, AZ

    A complete list of Manheim Specialty auctions can be found at www.ManheimSpecialtyAuctions.com. For more information, please call 877-704-4636 or e-mail specialtyauctions@manheim.com.

    There are many benefits for dealers who participate in the auction process including…

    • Critical Mass of Buyers and Sellers – Dedicated specialty boat auctions provide an opportunity for multiple sellers to offer their boats to a large crowd of potential buyers.
    • Credible Pricing – Auctions create an environment where supply and demand channels are at work to establish a fair market price.
    • Market Liquidity – Auctions allow boat consignors to convert boats into cash quickly.
    • Affordable Participation – Auction fees are a small percentage of the boat-selling price and have gone down in the past 10 years.
    • Technology Applications – Manheim has embraced technology to enhance the process for both buyers and sellers to reach new audiences and improve efficiencies for existing customers.

    Customers can take advantage of on-site and online bidding using a variety of technologies such as Manheim Simulcast, which allows dealers to participate in live auctions online. OVE.com allows buyers to bid on and purchase units 24/7. With Manheim’s mobile unit, we bring the auction to customers and provide live pictures via a broadcast-quality, hand-held camera capturing different unit angles, giving buyers enhanced close-ups of the vehicles.

    Karen Braddy serves as General Manager of Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment for Manheim and is responsible for the development of these products within the company’s operating locations worldwide. She has been in the remarketing business since 1990, most recently as a Manheim’s director of product management — where she developed the Boat, RV, Motorcycle and PowerSports initiatives. Kevin Cooper is the National Boat and RV Manager, please feel free to contact him at 678-645-2615 or kevin.cooper@manheim.com.

    Manheim, the world’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services began hosting Manheim Specialty Auctions (www.manheimspecialtyauctions.com) to meet the growing needs of customers looking for used vehicles other than the traditional automobile. Today, Manheim offers customers access to 85 locations in North America, with 17 dedicated to selling specialty units including Boats, RVs, Motorcycles and PowerSports vehicles.

    By offering services such as full-service reconditioning, electronic condition reports, certification, title management, distribution centers, inspections, and vehicle transportation, financing and dealer floor planning, Manheim helps customers realize the full value of their vehicles.  

    Customers can also take advantage of Mobile Specialty auctions that provide convenient, onsite sales and support at any location in North America. All vehicles are sold “in-lane” or “online” via Manheim Simulcast and OVE.com. Manheim is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises, Inc. one of the nation’s leading communications, media and automotive services company.

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