Boater launches online accessories store

SAN DIMAS, Calif. – Former professional salesman Robert Winsel has launched an online marine accessories store at, he reported in a recent statement.

"I've been a salesman all my life, and traveling had gotten to be just a hassle," explained Winsel. "One day I got on the freeway and knew I couldn't do that anymore. I started surfing the Internet and looking at Web sites, and I thought, 'You know, a web site is a good idea.'"

He has implemented a new blog at to allow his customers to get to know him and his business.

"I've been a boater all my adult life," Winsel explains. "I have a boat, my daughter was involved in boating, and now she and her husband and my 2 grandkids are involved in boating. I think it's one of the best family things you can do – it's almost like a family that boats together, stays together. I really look at it as a family fun activity."

Winsel said he’s adding new products daily.

"Right now I'm adding more props and more sizes," he said. "Tomorrow I'm going to add some more audio stuff. I plan on doing something with this site almost every day. I want to have as many green products on there as I can, for example – I want to be environmentally 'good.' "

"I'm choosing items that I always need," Winsel concluded. "Every boater's going to have problems, and they'll need replacement products like these at a fair price. If you go to a brick and mortar store, they really get you on the price."

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