In the past, the complexity of water access has proven intimidating to those without the time, money or expertise to fully research and understand the problem. It manifests itself differently in different regions of the country and involves issues ranging from real estate valuation to dredging and marina permitting to economics, succession planning, marina design and profitability, boatyard design and profitability and community and government relations.

It’s understandable therefore that many marine businesses have been content to let their federal and state associations wrestle with this problem. But water access is largely a local issue — one best tackled in your backyard boating community and one in which you and your boating business can easily make a difference, whether you’re a boat dealer, a marina operator, a boat builder or an OEM or aftermarket supplier.

While the decline in the housing market has had a negative impact on boat sales, it has had a positive impact on water access. The demand for residential waterfront development has lessened in popular boating communities in Florida and California, for example, making marinas and boatyards a more desirable option for developers.

This is a window of opportunity for the industry in its quest to provide an affordable, hassle-free boating experience to today’s and tomorrow’s boaters — one you can’t afford to pass up.

In an effort to help the industry overcome the challenges that water access issues have created, Boating Industry magazine has partnered with Valvtect to create an e-white paper that shares expert advice on the many ways individual companies and organizations can move this issue forward.

Download your free copy of this e-white paper today by searching for “white paper” at To download the white paper, please register for a free subscription to the Web site. Each of your efforts today, added together, will go further than ever in helping to preserve the boating business.

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