COMITT sessions available live online

ANNAPOLIS, Md.; BROOKLIN, Maine; CHICAGO – Elluminate, Inc., a provider of live eLearning and Web collaboration solutions for the real-time organization, will make all 12 seminars and both luncheon presentations at the Conference on Marine Industry Technical Education available online, COMITT producers said recently.

The Elluminate virtual classroom will be a new component of the third annual COMITT – which takes place on Feb. 18 – 20, 2008 at the Gallery One Four Lauderdale, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., – and is designed to supplement the event, allowing those not able to attend in person to participate.

COMITT online enables remote participants to listen live to all seminars and presentations, take part in live moderated Q&A sessions and continue discussions after the event in online forums focused around each session.

COMITT presentations will be presented simultaneously as free online events, with registration available at After each session ends, Elluminate will make the recorded version of the online session available in all ProBoat E-Training online course sites free to all registered attendees.

“We were very pleased to receive support from an Elluminate grant for COMITT 2008,” said Barbara-Jean Walsh, COMITT Planning Committee chair. “We wanted to showcase a new technology that educators and those in the industry may not otherwise have an opportunity to experience, and ensure that anyone interested in marine industry workforce development, but who can’t attend in person, has access to the conference information. We understand that this is a tight budget year for our industry, and we hope people will take advantage of this free opportunity to show their support for industry workforce development and training.”

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