iboats.com’s dealer leads increase

DRAPER, Utah – Following the launch of iboats.com’s New Boat Showroom in the spring of 2007, the company has seen a significant increase in the number of leads being provided to participating dealers, it reported in a statement this week.

“Leads to our dealers are up 64 percent when comparing June-Dec 06 to June-Dec 07,” said Bruno Vassel III, chairman and CEO of iboats.com. “The quality of these increased leads is excellent, according to feedback from participating dealers.”

The company reported that the lead growth can be attributed to several factors including the New Boat Showroom, increased traffic to the iboats.com website and the company’s continued focus on the consumer experience.

“Consumers are becoming extremely savvy in their online research. They expect high quality, easy to access, and credible content” Vassel commented. “Today they can find this quality experience online for every major purchase they make and now we’re giving this same Internet research capability to consumers for both new and used boats. These consumers are responding by contacting our dealers more than ever before about buying a new or used boat.”

“We’re especially pleased with the increase in our dealer leads in light of the current economic situation,” noted Vassel. “It’s clear from this increase that there are a large number of people in the market going online looking for a new or used boat. We’re helping more and more of them to come to iboats.com to do their pre-buying research and then we send them to our participating dealers.”

Also, in response to the present market challenges for dealers and brokers, iboats.com has announced that it will not increase any fees to dealers and brokers during 2008 for the services it provides.

“In these challenging times, we want to do all that we can to support all dealers and brokers in the marine industry, so we will not increase their costs one dime this year for the significant services we already provide to them” said Vassel.

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